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Vagabond Stove

Modified on 2011/01/29 09:38 by xinara Categorized as Activity, Crafts

Vagabond Stove

  • One gallon (#10) tin can
  • Can opener
  • Tin snips
  • Punch opener
  • Gloves

Remove lid from one end of the tin can using a can opener. This is the bottom of the stove. While wearing gloves, use the tin snips to cut a 3" x 3" door on one side of the tin can from the open end. Bend this door out but leave attached for ventilation control. Using the punch opener, punch two or three small holes on the opposite side of the door for air holes.

Use with a Buddy Burner.

Place the stove over the lighted Buddy Burner. Caution: Do not touch the stove-- it will get VERY hot! Use the door to control the heat.

Season your stove, by burning a buddy burner under it until top of stove is heated to cooking temperature and then heat for at least three minutes. Using heavy duty oven mitts, lift the can off the heat source and extinguish the buddy burner. Be careful. The can will be very hot. Using oven mitts on both hands, hold the can securely and wipe the cooking surface (top end) of the hot can carefully with paper towels until any chemical finish of the can is completely wiped off.

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