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Teach Me To Pray

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Teach Me To Pray
by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

Please teach me, Lord, I want to know
Exactly how to pray.
I need some words, which ones are right?
Please tell me what to say.

I've bowed my head and knelt right down,
or should I stand upright?
I've closed my eyes, and raised my hands,
Or should I fold them tight?

Do I stand up? Should I sit down?
Dear Lord... what do you like?
The lights on or better turned off?
Maybe in candle light?

Wear my glasses or take them off?
At a desk or table?
Should I whisper or speak out loud?
Do I quote the Bible?

What do you think about the time?
When better; dusk or dawn?
Should I pray fast, or keep it slow?
Is better; short or long?

I'm new at this, what are the rules?
I want to do it right.
How do I know, you'll even hear
And keep me in Your sight?
And while I sat there quietly,
Waiting for some sign,
I heard a gentle voice say,
"Oh, dearest child of mine ...

Do you think I really care
About the time of day,
Or whether you are standing up,
Or kneeling when you pray?"

"I don't care about your posture,
Or about the place you choose;
Just open up your soul to me,
I have no other rules.

Tell me what is in your heart,
And tell me what you seek;
Tell me of your sorrows,
Those things that made you weak."

"Speak to me in private
About what concerns you most;
I know about your good deeds ...
You have no need to boast.

My child, you don't need lessons,
Just talk to me each day;
Tell me anything you want,
dear child, anyone can pray."

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