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Roping Together

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Roping Together

Message: Strength in working together

  • four 4-6ft lengths of rope

You can use one of these ropes for knot tying practice or for tying a small package, but they're not big enough for really big jobs.

(Call up two or three (cub,scout) and asked them to join the ropes together with square knots or sheet bends, or you can do it while your talking.) Now we have a much more useful rope, one we could use for pioneering or other jobs where we need a good length of rope.

These pieces of rope are a lot like individual (cubs,scouts). Your (six,patrol) and the whole (pack,troop) work the same way. (Cubs,Scouts) who work together like these ropes can achieve much bigger things. But remember that this rope is only as strong as its' weakest link. The same idea applies to our (sixes,patrols) and (pack, troop). They can't be strong unless everyone pulls together. Teamwork is important in Scouting - we rely on each other to accomplish our goals.

Strive to be a strong link in your (six, patrol). Do your best to live by the ideals we talk about in the Promise and Law. Learn your Scouting skills to the best of your ability, and take part in everything the (pack, troop)and your (six,patrol) does.

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