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Red Poison Darts

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Red Poison Darts
An Interactive Story

This story will explain the hazards of name-calling to your youth. It does so in a visual way, by showing that put-downs and name calling are like “red poison”.

black marker or white chalk.
Chart paper or a black board with 7 circles drawn on, with dots for eyes,
(Label the circles, in order, Roger, Maria, Natasha, Boy 1, Boy 2, Joey, leaders.)
red marker or red chalk,

Directions: Start by discussing with the youth what put-downs and insults are, and how they can make people feel bad, hurt or like they are not worthwhile. Have them list some examples like, “dissing”, making fun of appearances etc. Explain you will be reading a story about put-downs and how they hurt others. As you read the following story, you or another leader use the red marker/chalk to show how the red poison is spreading. Colour in the drawings at the appropriate time in the story.

Red Poison Darts

One day Roger was doing a knot-tying exercise at his meeting and he was having a lot of trouble tying a butterfly knot. (Point to first circle). He was getting really frustrated and started to put himself down. “I’m so stupid”, he said to himself. “I never get anything right.” (Colour in circle red.) He was so mad at himself it was as if he had filled up with red poison. Maria, who was sitting next to him, asked “Hey Roger, can I borrow some of your rope to practice with?”

Roger snapped, “Shut your big mouth!” at her, “I am trying to work.” It was as if Roger had shot a poison red dart at Maria. (Draw a line from Roger to Maria.) Maria felt hurt and felt like she had been filled up with red poison. (Colour in circle.) “You shut up!” she said. (Draw a line back to Roger).

Natasha came over at that time and asked Maria, “Can you help me set up for our next game?” Maria shot a red poison dart at Natasha. (Draw a line from Maria to Natasha.) “You are so stupid, you always need help setting up,” she said. “Do it yourself.” (Colour in circle.)

Natasha sat down. Two boys near her were talking. She gave them a dirty sneer and shot poison darts at them too. (Draw a line from Natasha to the two boy circles.) They filled up with red poison (colour in circles) and when Joey ran by them, they called him names and said unkind things about how he ran. (Draw a line from the two boys to Joey.) Joey filled up with poison too. (Colour in circle.)

Soon the whole section, even the leaders, was filled with red poison and shooting poison darts at each other over and over again. (Draw more circles and colour them in.) They had created a poisonous atmosphere.

After you have read the story ask the Cubs if they ever been in a poisonous atmosphere and how it felt to be there. Ask them how to prevent others and an atmosphere from becoming poisoned.

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