Invisible Bench Skit

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Invisible Bench Skit

A Favorite Skit

4 to 8 scouts

This is a funny skit the first time or two you see it. But, around here, it is waaaaay over-used. So, there have been a few add-ons created. See Raking an Invisible Garden skit also.

Scout #1: (walks onstage and squats down as if he is sitting on a bench that is invisible.)
Scout #2: (walks up to #1.)
Scout #2: Whatcha doin'?
Scout #1: Just sitting on this invisible bench.
Scout #2: Can I join you?
Scout #1: Sure.
Scout #2 (sits down next to #1.)
Scout #3 repeats the dialog.
Each scout comes on and repeats, making a long line of scouts sitting on the bench.

Last scout: (walks up to line of scouts.)
last Scout: What are you guys doing?
all people: Just sitting here on this invisible bench.
last Scout: No you aren't. I moved the bench over there. (points)

All the sitting scouts fall down.