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God’s Love

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God’s Love

By: Elsie Palmer

God made the sun to rule the day.
It gives us warmth and light.
He made the moon and glistening stars
To guide us through the night.

He made the water cool and clear
To fill the lakes and seas.
He made each blade of thirsty grass.
He made the flowers and trees.

God made the bees and butterflies,
And every creeping thing,
Like busy ants, and wriggly worms,
And feathered birds that sing.

And every form of animal
Was made to roam the land.
Some hike the highest mountain peaks;
Some thrive in desert sand.

The lion and the bear He made,
The cuddly bunny too.
He made the horse and elephant
And bouncy kangaroo.

And when God saw that all was good
And glorious to see,
Then in His image He made man
That you and I might be.

We thank Thee, Heavenly Father,
For Thy watchful, loving care,
For this wondrous, gift-filled world
With beauty everywhere.

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