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Cub Weekly Meeting Schedule

Week: Week 19
Theme: Kub Kars 4

Weights & Wheels Workshop


15 min (6:45)

 5 min (7:00)

10 min (7:05)

15 min (7:15)

45 min (7:30)

 5 min (8:15)

 5 min (8:20)

 5 min (8:25)

  Gathering Activity


 Opening Ceremony


Theme or Six Activity


 Spiritual Fellowship

  Closing Ceremony 

Checkered Flag Necker Slide


Grand Howl, Prayer

Motorway Crash, Weights

Wheels Workshop (see notes
it's an 18th Bramalea secret)
Kub Kar Race Song

Race, The

Prayer, Cub Vespers, GN & GH

Badge/Star Work Completed: When completed; Tawny A4, Artist 8, FIG DT4(LDS), You can also work in some Carpenter Badge requirements

Equipment: Attendance Sheet, rules, scale, Dremel tool with router attachment, routers, clamps, safety glasses, weights, high tack wood glue, vacuum, TV, DVD player, "Down with Derby Movie", table cover, paint, paint brushes, small containers for paint, cups with water for brushes, painting blocks (block of wood with 3 nails)

Set up: Set up the room with 2 sections
  • Weights - 2 tables one with the scale, weights and a pencil, the other (at least 2 meters away) with the clamps and Dremel tool with router attachments, and routers, safety glasses, high tack wood glue, and a vacuum
  • Wheels Demonstration - 1 table with clamp, drill, gapping tool or credit card, wet/dry sand paper (cut into thin 1/4" strips), cotton fabric (cut into thin 1/2" strips), container for water, pumas or baking soda, file, hammer, slot screw driver, drill bit 7/64. High Tack Wood Glue

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