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Clean Socks Skit

Modified on 2013/05/19 11:09 by xinara Categorized as Skits

Clean Socks Skit

5 scouts
a pile of socks
Scout #1: (could be a leader instead) Hey, everybody! Our new socks have arrived! Come and get 'em! other scouts run onstage and line up to receive socks.

Scout #1: OK, Johnny, how many socks do you need?
Scout #2: I need 2 pair.
Scout #1: Just two?
Scout #2: Yes, I wear one pair for a week while the other pair is in the dirty wash.
Scout #1: Yuch! Oh well, here you go.

Scout #3: I need 4 pair.
Scout #1: Why 4 pair?
Scout #3: I put on a fresh pair on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
Scout #1: Well, that's better than wearing them a whole week. Here you go.

Scout #4: I need 7 pair.
Scout #1: Great. I bet that's a fresh pair every day, right? gives the socks
Scout #4: Right!
Scout #1: That's what I like. A clean scout! Here you go.

Scout #5: 12 pair please!
Scout #1: 12!? Man, you must really be clean. Why 12 pair?
Scout #5: Well, there's January, February, March, ...

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