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Buddy Burner

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Buddy Burner

  • Shallow tin can ( tuna, dog or cat can)
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Paraffin wax

Cut the cardboard into strips slightly narrower than the depth of the can. Usually 1 1/2 inches wide X 72 inches long should be enough. Roll the cardboard strips into a coil and place into the can. Melt the paraffin wax and pour over the cardboard in the can. Let harden. The wax will shrink when cooled. Repeat poring wax after it has cooled and cover to the top.

Light the Buddy Burner with a match.

Use with a Vagabond Stove or for emergency candle, or drive four 6" nails into the ground around the Buddy Burner to make a pan rest.

To extinguish the Buddy Burner, remove the Vagabond Stove with a pot holder Caution: Stove will be VERY hot. Smother the flame with a larger tin can lid or something similar. Caution: The paraffin wax will be liquid and very hot--wait till it hardens and cools before handling it.

The buddy burner, oven mitts and cooking utensils may be stored and carried inside the vagabond stove. Save any plastic lid of the #10 can for use as a cover. Once the stove is used the inside will be sooty, so you may want to include a small plastic bag in which to place the oven mitts and cooking utensils before you store them in the vagabond stove.

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