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Bowline Race

Modified on 2010/11/04 05:47 by xinara Categorized as Activity, Games

Bowline Race



Section: Cub, Scouts
Requirements Filled: Green A2
Theme: Knots
Time: 20 minutes

Number of Players: 10-30
Recommend use: Indoor, Outdoor, Game

  • 30 foot rope per team
  • Large Hula Hoop (optional)

Description of Game:
Scenario: Your patrol or six was camping on a hill when a flood rolled in overnight. You are now stranded on a small island and none of you can swim. Except your fearless sixer or patrol leader!

Have each six or patrol huddle together. Have them stand in a Hula Hoop or draw a circle around them to represent the island. Draw a line 20 feet away that is the shore and safety. This is the area over which the six or patrol must be rescued to.

Give each sixer or patrol leader a rope. On the signal, each sixer or patrol leader runs to the safe shore and throws the rope back to his patrol. One player ties a bowline around himself and is pulled across the flood. Once safe, he unties his knot, and rescues the next player.

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