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Blind & One Arm Drawing

Modified on 2010/12/10 06:21 by xinara Categorized as Activity, Crafts

Blind & One Arm Drawing

Section: Cub
Requirements Filled: None
Theme: Disability Awareness
Time: 15 min

Materials: (1 for each cub)
  • paper
  • pencils
  • strips of material/slings

Ask each cub which hand they normally wright with. Take that hand and find a way of tyeing it behind their back so that they can not use it. Do not tie the hand to tight, but keep in mind some cubs can be very resourceful and find a way to use that hand anyway. Give each cub a piece of paper and pencil. Ask the cubs to draw a common item with their available hand. Give items that they should be able to drawn with ease like a car, tree, person, or animal. ask them to be aware of how difficult it is.

After they have completed their one handed drawing take the material holding their arm and turn it into a blind fold. Blind fold the cub and ask them to draw another picture on the other side of the paper without being able to see. Ask them to be aware of how difficult it was.

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